Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.

#breakfreefromplastic is a global movement of nearly 1300 organizations envisioning a future free from plastic pollution.

Fashion Revolution is a global movement that celebrates fashion as a positive influence while also scrutinizing industry practices and raising awareness of the fashion industry’s most pressing issues.

Shareable is a nonprofit media outlet and action network that empowers people to share for a more resilient, equitable, and joyful world.

Arts Thread is a digital platform worldwide for emerging artists and designers that hosts our joint design competition to “Disrupt Black Friday”.

1300 Fab Labs as technical prototyping platforms are located in almost every major city in the world.  The FAB City is a global project to develop locally productive and globally connected self-sufficient cities.

The Restart Project is a social enterprise that aims to fix our relationship with electronics, while preventing e-waste. They promote Restart Parties, community repair events where people teach each other how to repair their broken devices.

fff – future fashion forward coordinates Fashion Revolution in Germany and engages within German structures a change for a more transparent and sustainable textile industry. Fff creates events, platforms, networks and education to connect science, politics, economy and society.

Giacimenti Urbani Association, is based on the principles of cooperation, respect for the environment, the territory and people and brings together people that promote sustainable living, waste reduction, soft mobility and all lifestyles consistent with this objective. Reuse, repair, recycle and counteract climate change.

Zero Waste Italy provides contacts, skills and training to Italian Zero Waste initiatives such as the Zero Waste Research Center of the municipality of Capannori, with Ambiente and Futuro, with Anpas Nazionale and with the Volunteering and Participation Center of Lucca. It also links the Italian Zero Waste Initiatives with European and global networks, promoting 10 STEPS TO ZERO WASTE. 

The first Fab Lab in Hamburg was founded in 2011 in Hamburg’s busiest district: St. Pauli. Today its a meeting point for many people who want to use the typical Fab Lab machines or to start projects with other people. Originally initiated from the cross-issue Right to city movement, Fabulous St. Pauli follows the motto: The city is our factory!

“Buy Responsibly Foundation” is a Polish organization focusing on of sustainable development and environmental protection, responsible consumption and production, as well as respect for human rights and environmental principles in business. It has been active since 2002: first as a programme of the Polish Green Network, and since January 2014 – as an independent foundation. FB, IG, FB Event


Welcome 2018 MAKE SMTHNG Ambassadors! Ambassadors are exceptional event organizers and online influencers that support the maker movement in their local communities, and are more intimately involved in MAKE SMTHNG Week planning.

João Leão, VIVA Fab Lab (Portugal)
Leão is a Product Designer and Co-founder of VIVA Fab Lab situated in Portugal. VIVA is a hub to promote Education, Design and Innovation in the maker community.

Jennifer Refat, Craftic (Canada)
Jen is the founder of Craftic, a platform and community where you can find and share fun DIY projects and creative inspiration that will help you use up your craft supplies!

Marlena Sdrenka – Zero Waste Plant Power (Germany)
Sustainability consultant Marlena runs Zero Waste Plant Power, a knowledge hub for all things around zero waste, plastic-free life, sustainable consumption and minimalism and is the founder of Zero Waste Germany.

Monika Krawczykowska – Slogan Ethical & Vegan Clothing (Poland)
Sustainable Fashion Designer and founder of Slogan clothing brand. She is an eco fashion activist, Greenpeace volunteer and DJ at the weekends.

Jo Xiaozhou Zhang (Brisbane)
Jo is a former Greenpeace MAKE SMTHNG / Detox Campaigner and is now working for women leadership in Brisbane, Australia, where she supports MAKE SMTHNG by organizing workshop events.

Ellen Mulcrone (UK)
Ellen is a multi-media visual artist, creating installation spaces that alter in some way our perception. Through these spaces, stillness, reflection and introversion is celebrated.

Kate, Time to Sew (UK)
Kate sews her own clothes and sometimes makes quilts for charity. She believes sustainability is available to everyone, you just need to start with doing one thing! Read about fabrics and going-ons in sustainable fashion and sewing over at Time to Sew.

Prof. Martina Glomb (Germany) 
Socialized in the punk scene, she dared to realize her passion for extreme and DIY fashion. She works as a professor at the University of Hannover with a focus on slow fashion and founded the Use-Less Centre for sustainable design strategies, against waste and ugly clothing.

Paula and Mariángeles Aguirre (Germany)
tHERAPY Recycle and Exorcise is a sustainable and alternative, gender-free, season-free and size-free fashion project based in Berlin, Germany and Córdoba, Argentina, ran since 2012 by two sisters separated by the Atlantic Ocean, but united by this passion.

Lauren McCrostie, actress and green bean enthusiast (UK)
Lauren is a reusing enthusiast and passionate about communicating the importance and delights of sustainable living. Her ‘happy helpful homework’ newsletters  offer handy hints and tips in becoming more mindful consumers. IG Newsletter

Nina, The Minimalist Ninja (Germany)
Nina runs The Minimalist Ninja, a YouTube channel, and blog about minimalism, frugal living, vegan travel, sustainable consumption and heaps more. She loves spreading the word about all the good stuff and is obsessed with peanut butter.

Natalia Martinez Sagan (Argentina)
Natalia Martinez Sagan is an Argentine interdisciplinary artist and educator specialized in sustainability, based in New York. She is also a Climate Reality Leader, trained by former US Vice President and Nobel Prize Laureate, Al Gore. IG @martinezsagan

Heath Nash (South Africa)
Heath is an artist and designer best known for his innovative use of materials traditionally referred to as ‘waste’. He runs Our Workshop in Cape Town, a shared, free-to-use space to create opportunities for cultural and racial integration in post-apartheid South Africa.

Bina (Germany)
On her blogazine stryleTZ Bina writes about fair fashion, veganism and sustainability. I would like to show how cool it can be to dress differently and that sustainable fashion is not a renunciation.

Oscar Díaz, Fablab Yucatán (Mexico)
Architect and co-founder of Fablab Yucatán, a fabrication lab focused on people’s access to technology. He has also begun to articulate the global Fab City initiative through strategies of circular economy, technology, social innovation and prototyping.

Belén, Pira (Belgium)
Belén is the co-founder of Pira, a platform that shares accessible information and tips about sustainability for deaf people worldwide. “The best way to make the deaf people understand the importance of sustainability is talking in their own language: sign language“

Tara, Paper Theory (London) 
Tara, the founder of Paper Theory creates contemporary, design led sewing patterns and online tutorials as a simple solution to help people create their own sustainable wardrobes. Enabling them to dip out of fast fashion without having to dip out of fashion all together.

LizBeLiz (London)
Elizabeth Joseph specialises in acrylic accessories Workshops. She is setting up the ‘Tea, Cake & Acrylic Accessories Club’, where she’ll show us how to fix, and upcycle broken or unworn accessories using laser cut shapes and charms made from acrylic.

Amber Riedl from Makerist (Canada / Berlin)

Amber Riedl founded Makerist, a crafting platform with inspiration for sewing, knitting or DIY projects from hundreds of independent designers – and of course she is a passionate maker herself. Follow her also on FB.

Shia / Wasteland Rebel (Germany) 

Blogger and book author Shia and her husband Hanno have been living zero waste for four years now. On Wasteland Rebel she shares practical tips for avoiding waste and reducing your own ecological footprint.

Viktoria/Naturlandkind (Germany)

Viktoria from @naturlandkind writes about sustainable alternatives and offers tips and inspiration. She is especially committed to alternatives to plastic and is passionate about DIY tutorials!