MAKE SMTHNG supports and promotes a movement of makers and alternatives to consumerism!

MAKE SMTHNG is about taking action for a better world.

It is a community of making that challenges our consumerist culture – instead of going shopping, we will spend quality time with friends, family and our community. We create events where we teach each other new skills and fun, creative and beautiful ways to make the most of the resources around us: by sharing, repairing, making and doing it ourselves we transform old things into something new and awesome. Together, we can step out of our wasteful overconsumption and give our beautiful Earth a break!

Kicking off on Black Friday, Nov 23 – Dec 2 2018, MAKE SMTHNG Week

was taking place in cities around the world. Together with our partners Fashion Revolution, ShareableFab City Global Initiative & Fab Labs community, #breakfreefromplastic and Arts Thread and hundreds of makers, creatives and people like you, we have demonstrated our power to innovate towards a better, more resourceful way of life.

Now that MAKE SMTHNG Week is over, lets MAKE SMTHNG in our everyday lives. Join our global movement and MAKE CHANGE!


Many of you already practice the art, craft and joy of making and doing it yourself:

cooking, mending clothes, fixing electronics, building toys, upcycling, growing your own food, making your own cosmetics and cleaning products, going plastic-free, aiming for zero waste, or sharing your clothes, bikes and homes with each other. Let’s share our skills, knowledge and experiences with each other and discover and practice new ones.

Organize your own event

  • Makers – we want you! Are you a maker and want to share your skills by giving a workshop? Do you run a repair cafe, fab lab, urban garden or sewing workshop; an artisan shop or a community centre? Do you have a community that practices any of the above and want to make it visible? Perfect! Host your own event for MAKE SMTHNG Week.

Register your event in

Join the movement

  • Want to learn more about zero waste, minimalism, plant-based food, slow fashion, upcycling or creative DIY, making and repairing? Join our community to receive daily inspiration and exchange experiences with others.

Share and contribute

Share your maker experiences, pics, skills and knowledge with us and tag your great projects with #MakeSmthng #DisruptBlackFriday #MakeChangeNow

  • Talk about the issue of overconsumption and consumerism with your followers by writing a post about MAKE SMTHNG.
  • Make your own tutorial and contribute it to our pool.
  • Create your own MAKE SMTHNG design and declare yourself part of our movement.

Become a MAKE SMTHNG Ambassador

Become a MAKE SMTHNG Ambassador in your city. You will represent the movement by reaching out and connecting to other makers in your community, coordinate and organize a joint event, do press work and participate in global virtual trainings, get connected to our global maker community.




Check out the inspirational tutorials and toolkits from our partner organizations, makers and initiatives around the world and contribute your own ideas #makesmthng.


Check out our design templates, press kit and some inspirational tutorials and toolkits from our partner organizations, initiatives and makers around the world.