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Autumn Wreaths
Let’s make wreaths out of locally foraged materials
I’m Sidikka, I love making natural decorations and I would like to share these skills with my neighbours.

Join me in using vines, berries, holly, and pine cones to decorate some beautiful, natural wreaths, which can also be used for the fancy supper!

Barter Items
Something natural you’ve found, a leaf or interesting twig
A story of a great day at the park
A smile
A joke

Trade School is an alternative, self organised school that runs on barter, where residents bring simple items requested by the informal teacher. Anyone can teach something they are skilled at, or passionate about. If you would like to share a skill in the next programme then email [email protected] or pop into the shop.

1.Find a Trade School
Find a Trade School session you would like to attend.

2.Take part
Come along to the session with one thing from the ‘Barter Item’ list.

3.Exchange Your Barter Item
At the start of the session, each person exchanges their barter item.

4.Gain Skills & Knowledge
Learn new skills and techniques taught by residents.

5.Meet new people
It’s a great opportunity to meet your neighbours. You’ll be surprised at all the different skills, experiences and amazing people who live just around the corner.

6.Run your own Trade School Session
If you have skills that you would like to teach others, suggest a Trade School to one of our neighbourhood team. members.

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4 Dezember 2019

116 Church Elm Lane; RM10 9RL Dagenham; United Kingdom
Dagenham, RM10 9RL United Kingdom

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